Home Security

Your house will be secured before and after dog walks. Keys will be stored in a locked cabinet away from any addresses. Alarm codes will be kept confidential.

As an ex Forensic Scientist I have had full home office security and CRB checks.

Health and Safety

All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and be on routine parasite prevention treatments for fleas and worms. This ensures protection on an individual basis but also prevents the transfer onto other dogs. Prevention is better than cure!

Dogs will be transported to and from walks in secured crates or with dog seat belts. Owners must consent to off lead exercise and this will only occur when it is deemed safe to do so. I have completed a NEBOSH certificate so have a good awareness of health and safety issues. Assessment of risk will be done on a continuous basis whilst walking.

Dogs that pull excessively, that cannot be exercised off lead will not be walked.

Those that are a threat to other dogs or people will not be walked or boarded.

Legal Requirements

Marley and Fi has public liability insurance.

Marley and Fi’s home boarding premises has been rated as 5 Star from Bolton Council - Licence Reference 025810

home boarding licence.jpg