Dog Walking

Hour long and 1/2hr long group walks are available.

Dogs will either go on a local walk from home or be safely transported to a park or woodland area.

Places regularly used for walking include: Hall Lee Brook, Hall Lee Park and Fields, Lostock Canal, High Rid Reservoir, Rivington, Borsdane Woods and Haigh Hall.

Leash and off leash exercise is dependant on the dog's recall and the owners wishes. 

Treats and poo bags will be provided throughout the walk, the dog will be given a fresh drink and towel dried if required.

Visits for Young and Old dogs

This includes 2 x 1/2 hour visits throughout the day to feed, interact, walk, play, and clean up if necessary.  This can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the dog.

Holiday Care

Home Visits - This includes a minimum of 3 visits throughout the day and evening. The package consists of an early morning visit and local walk, a longer walk in the afternoon and an evening visit for a toilet break and a bit of company. Feeding will be done as per normal routine and progress reports can be sent during your time away. Other small animals can be looked after aswell.

Home Boarding - Family friendly dogs are welcome to stay with Marley and Fi. This will be subject to a number of trial visits and an overnight stay if required,  to ensure that your dog will settle and be happy whilst you are away. Own food must be provided and progress reports can be sent whilst you are away. Intact males, bitches in season or about to come in season and certain breeds not accepted for home boarding. There is a minimum stay of 3 nights.

In all of the above there will be sessions before to meet and get to know each other before walks or visits begin.

Other packages/routines considered, please call for a chat.